Contract & Code of Conduct

  1. I confirm that I have attained the age of majority and I am legally competent to contract.
  2. In the case of Joint Associateship, I can only apply with my spouse as a co applicant and all earnings arising out of this business shall be payable by the company in the name of the first applicant.
  3. I can register as an Associate only once and cannot hold more than one registration with the Company.
  4. I can also apply for registrations as an Associate in the name of a partnership, corporation, private or limited company and further understand that the same shall be registered under duly appointed body.
  5. I acknowledge and confirm that I will be at all times acting in my capacity as a self-employed person in relation to this registration as Associate and will not at any time claim to be an employee of the Company nor will I claim any benefits accruing to the employees of the Company. My relationship with the Company is only as an Associate of the products sold & services provided by the Company.
  6. All commissions and bonuses shall be payable as per the business forever Online Services Pvt Ltd compensation plan and I shall have no right to claim any other form of income other than those stated in compensation plan.
  7. I shall not use the Company name, logo and trademark in any way other than the permitted guidelines laid down by the company.
  8. I accept the right of the Company to reject this Application for Registration at its absolute sole discretion and without being required to give any reason there for.
  9. I undertake the responsibility of complying with the Sales tax/VAT, Service Tax, Octroi, Toll taxes and all other local laws for sales and services, as may be applicable from time to time and obtaining all licenses and registrations as may be required for running my business as Associate from time to time.
  10. I confirm not to invite or entice any existing Associates of the Company to leave their current Associateship and position and join under my Associateship.
  11. I shall not use misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices. I shall at all times identify myself to a prospective Associate or Customer, carry my Id card and shall also disclose the identity of the Company, the opportunity provided by the Company and its products.
  12. I undertake to provide accurate, correct and complete information of the products being provided by the Company and not make any false and fictitious claims about the Products and Business Opportunity.
  13. I shall fulfill the customer's order in a timely manner and not compel or induce the Associate/Customer to purchase goods or services in an amount that exceeds an amount that can be expected to be sold within a reasonable period of time;
  14. I shall make a fair representation of the actual or potential sales or earnings. All sales or earning potentials shall be represented by way of documentation provided by the Company substantiating the same.
  15. The Company has the right to terminate my Associateship in case of non-compliance, breach or violation of any of the code of ethics and policies of the Company.
  16. I would always carry my identity card and not visit the customer,s premises without prior appointment/approval.
  17. I would always explain to the consumer about the “Goods return policy” of the company in detail and “Cooling off period” before the transaction.
  18. My Associate id will automatically terminate if I don,t put any order for a period of two years from my last order.
  19. Any Associate, who is inactive for a period of two years, i.e. has not put order for a period of two years from his/ her last order would be free to register again under any other sponsor/ upline.
  20. All disputes pertaining to this registration will be subject to Agra jurisdiction and I acknowledge that the Courts in Delhi alone shall have jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to this relationship